How Chiropractors Fit Into the World of Western Medicine

In the wider world of traditional medicine, chiropractors occupy an interesting position. Unlike medical doctors, they do not engage in the standard medical school progression, having their own graduate schools and professional training procedures. At the same time, they are, in fact, highly trained professionals, passing through at least four years of graduate study and quite a bit in the way of other education before becoming accredited.

Despite that some people have misgivings about how to classify them, then, the fact is that chiropractors are widely respected as medical professionals of a specialized sort. Many chiropractors exhibit the same kinds of lifelong fascination with medicine and science that are often found in the most successful medical doctors, with only a slight difference of personal emphasis and goals leading them down a different path.

A look at a representative chiropractor’s record might make this clear. A study of Dr. Manfred Alkhas resume, for example, shows someone who couples a strong grounding in biology and other sciences with a clear passion for providing effective treatment for patients. With years of rigorous undergraduate work laying the foundations for further advancement, people like Alkhas have backgrounds that are ultimately little different from those of most medical doctors.


Those parallels tend to carry through into their later careers, too. Someone keeping up with Manfred Alkhas news would find a continuing commitment to education and further training, just as dedicated medical doctors invariably seek to hone and improve their skills. Being an effective doctor, most will admit, requires keeping up with new developments throughout a career, and the same can be said of those who choose instead to practice chiropractic.

In fact, many of the most highly regarded chiropractors go a step further. Beyond just undergoing further training and skill-building work, they even conduct research as a way of supplementing their practices. While the world of chiropractic research is perhaps as not as advanced and vital as that of traditional medicine, the fact is that it still regularly produces important insights and advancements. The most ambitious chiropractors, in fact, often devote a substantial portion of their time to this kind of work, despite the lack of financial rewards for most such activity.

While they may not slot neatly into the pictures that many people have of the world of medicine, then, it is clear that chiropractors occupy a distinctive and well-justified place of their own. Whether in the form of the respect that insurers and many doctors afford them or the obvious dedication to their work that so many exhibit, these professionals are clearly deserving of respect.


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